Pacific Coast Native Iris by Harry Hill

PCI hybrids come in a wide range of colours. Image © Harry Hill

You have probably heard the old expression that good things come in threes. Well, for me nothing exemplifies this better than the flower of the iris. It’s all based on threes – three falls, three standards, three style arms – and yet expresses an amazing variety in colour and texture within that simple pattern. In … Read more

Siberian Iris by Pat Parkes

Many modern Siberian iris have broad standards and falls. Image © Pat Parkes

Modern garden Siberians are descended from two species, Iris sanguinea and Iris sibirica. Native to eastern Russia and Asia except–for a westward extension of Iris siberica into central and southern Europe–they usually grow in damp meadows and open woodland. In 1988, a third species, Iris typhifolia or cattail iris–named for its narrow, twisted cattail-like leaves–was added to this group (sub-series Sibiricae). … Read more

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