The Summer 2023 Edition of the Rainbow Goddess Has Just Been Released!

Just like always, the latest edition of our newsletter covers a range of topics related to growing and breeding irises.

It starts by paying tribute to Bill Dumont, longtime member and Secretary-Treasurer who recently passed away. We cover his contributions to the society, like updating our online presence and newsletters, as well as a bit about his life and legacy.

Richard Hebda, BC Iris Society president talks about adjusting after Bill’s passing, preparing for the upcoming 2025 AIS Region 13 Convention, and about his favourite iris.

We tour Keith and Delberta Dufresne’s garden in Chimney Lake, Ted Baker’s Salt Spring Island garden, and have a look at John Veillette’s irises in Victoria.

Ted Baker introduces us to his longtime friend and hybridizer, Keith Keppel and his stunning bearded irises. And we’ve got an incredible photo gallery from Sage Hill Farm.

Immerse yourself in the colourful pages of the Rainbow Goddess newsletter’s Summer 2023 edition now!

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